Friday, November 11, 2016

Roger Goodell Needs A Clue Bat

According to The New York Times NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said on Thursday the league was looking at a variety of ways to shorten game broadcasts, including trimming some advertising, to keep the action moving.

The league has seen its television ratings plunge this season, something that Goodell has said is related to a number of factors, including the intense interest in the presidential election, as well as shifts in the way fans have been watching games.

Goodell noted, though, that the pace of games could also be a factor in the ratings decline. Fans have complained for years that games are too long, and they frequently express annoyance at the number of commercial breaks and video reviews. He also said he was aware of a surge of complaints that officials were botching calls on the field.

The commissioner floated the notion there the election of Donald Trump as president may have impacted the ratings.  Roger, you simp.  There’s a boycott going on.  Are you that effing stupid?  Ignoring a problem does not make it disappear.

People are fed up with convicted criminals, wife beaters, cheaters and dissidents being on team rosters.  They’re tired of showboats like Kaepernick and Newton.  They’re angry over the disrespect being shown to our flag, our military and our national anthem and, frankly, to the fans themselves.

Until he addresses those issues he will continue to see his precious ratings do a big, fat swirly in his NFL toilet. 

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