Friday, October 21, 2016

If She Wins Liberal Hacks Will Spend The Next Several Years Powdering Granny’s Folds

This presidential race has been a three-ring circus and not the good kind we remember as kids.

The avalanche of leaked emails brought to us by Julian Assange, the FBI 302s exposing Clinton’s quid pro quo, strong suspicions of intentional voter fraud, voter intimidation by DNC operatives like Robert Creamer and the blinding liberal bias and media collusion has folks reeling in disgust.  Apparently, this election cycle will determine the presidency of No Longer America.

Makes ya wonder if all the circus clowns whose job it was to sweep up after the elephants ran off to become campaign spokesmen for Hillary.  I hope they’re happy to be in league with The Beast because if she wins on November 8th they’re going to be stuck powdering Granny’s folds for the next several years.  They must be so proud.

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