Sunday, October 9, 2016

A Time For Choosing

Listening to the talking heads this morning on Fox News Sunday, Meet The Press and Face Nation I was struck by the sheer giddiness of the liberal media soothsayers predicting a landslide win for their corrupt queen.
Ever since the exposure of the infamous “Trump Tape” on Friday, some conservatives have voiced their hysteria conceding Trump’s chances of winning the presidency may not be dead but in critical condition.  Some RINO cowards ran for the exits.
All the previous “unthinkable scandals” that Hillary’s opposition research carried out by her collaborators in the media were supposed to finish him off.  Mike Pence said it best when he declared that, “Trump was still standing.”
The hailstorm of hypocrisy that has swept across America like a shitstorm made me think long and hard about how toxic this election cycle has been.  The only October Surprise I expect to see between now and Election Day is when nothing horrific about Donald Trump is discussed in the disgustingly compliant lamestream media.
Most Americans are weary of the well-connected and politically entrenched establishment of both major parties.  The Left’s messiah even said in 2008, “She’ll [Hillary] say anything and change nothing.”
Nearly half of all voting age Americans, maybe more, genuinely believe that anyone is preferable to four years of Obama 2.0 and Bubba 3.0.
This election has devolved into a war to save us from the ruling class.  They fight dishonestly and dirty.  I don’t want a soldier in a neatly pressed dress uniform fighting to save the country from the corrupt politicians.  I want a soldier whose uni is caked in mud and blood; one who will turn over rocks to expose the vermin.  It’s an easy call.

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