Saturday, July 23, 2016

Tim Kaine: The Jokes Just Write Themselves

The unindicted felon announced via text message she’d chosen Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia to be her running mate.  Kaine, who sits on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, was the former governor of Virginia and a former chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

CNN reported Bill Clinton’s former Chief of Staff, John Podesta, brought two dozen binders to the Chappaqua home of Crooked Hillary back in April in an effort to help her find a suitable running mate.

The names her campaign floated were Secretary of Labor Tom Perez, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, NJ Senator Cory Booker, retired four-star Navy Admiral Jim Stavridis and pretend Native American Elizabeth Warren.

If she’d selected Cory Booker the ticket would be Clinton-BookHer.  Since Warren got shut down in the vetting process she will be on the warpath.  Crooked Hillary pretty much had to choose a Kaine or a Walker, but Walker is not a Democrat.  So…Kaine is a crutch.

For the well-oiled and well-funded Clinton Mafioso machine Kaine’s strong ties to politically important Virginia put him over the top and, as it turns out, President Obama strongly suggested the pick.  So, dutifully Clinton phoned the president to let him know she complied with his order to pick Kaine.

Virginia’s battleground status became less significant after news emerged shortly before Clinton’s announcement Friday that the Virginia State Supreme Court ruled Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s decision to restore voting rights to more than 200,000 felons violated Virginia’s constitution.  The decision deals a major blow to the Democratic governor with implications for the November presidential race.
The Washington Post noted the 4-to-3 decision ruled McAuliffe overstepped his clemency powers by issuing a sweeping order restoring rights to all ex-offenders who are no longer incarcerated or on probation or parole.
“Never before have any of the prior 71 Virginia Governors issued a clemency order of any kind—including pardons, reprieves, commutations, and restoration orders—to a class of unnamed felons without regard for the nature of the crimes or any other individual circumstances relevant to the request,” Chief Justice Donald W. Lemons wrote for the majority. “To be sure, no Governor of this Commonwealth, until now, has even suggested that such a power exists.”
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