Wednesday, May 11, 2016

I Made A Pledge

Anyone remember the 2010 flick in which a lone warrior marched across a ruined, post-apocalyptic wasteland carrying humanity’s hope for redemption?

Picture it…four years from now a dejected media darling and political loser is seen wandering the landscape mumbling to himself, “I made a pledge.”

Back in February, Marco Rubio said Donald Trump should not be handed “the nuclear codes” and likened him to the “lunatic in North Korea with nuclear weapons.”

On Tuesday during his first live national interview after suspending his presidential campaign, Rubio told CNN’s Jake Tapper he would fulfill his pledge to support the GOP nominee even if he did not agree with him on the issues.

“I signed a pledge and said that I would support the Republican nominee and I intended to continue to do that.  I don’t want Hillary Clinton to be the president of the United States; I don’t want her to win this election. On the other hand, I have well defined differences with the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party, and like millions of Republicans, you try to reconcile those two things.”

“I intend to live up to the pledge that we made, but that said, these concerns that I have about policy, they remain,” he added. “That doesn’t mean that Donald needs to change his positions in order to get my support.”

Rubio has screwed the pooch too many times.  In June of 2013, Rubio became a coward after the Senate passed an immigration reform bill that gave amnesty to illegal immigrants.  He infamously was a member of the Gang of Eight and took his 30 pieces of silver.  Just like Judas he betrayed America.  People haven’t forgotten that.

Rubio wasn’t elected as just any Republican pol. He was a self-described “movement conservative” who caught the Tea Party wave against the Republican Establishment and surfed it all the way to the Senate.

During this campaign cycle Rubio noted on any number of occasions that many tried to discourage his candidacy saying it wasn’t his time—he was a young one term senator who should wait.

Rest assured Rubio is finished and he knows it.  You can’t say Trump is unfit to be president in February and then two months later espouse partisan loyalty.  If Little Marco’s wounds heal four years from now and he again fancies himself a presidential candidate, the attack ads will be vicious and unrelenting—deservedly so.

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