Monday, May 2, 2016

Folks In Ohio Want Kasich To Drop Out

Can we talk?
I need someone to explain to me why John “The Mailman’s Son” Kasich is still campaigning.  My theory is he came for the power trip and stayed for the free food and pickles.
Folks in the Buckeye State are getting sick of his campaign according to a published report from Public Policy Polling.  Forty-nine percent believe it’s time for him to drop out.  The numbers are worse for him with Republicans—58%.
His constituents feel he’s neglecting his duties as governor and his approval rating has dropped from 54% to 46%.
They ain’t happy about having to foot the bill for his security detail which has so far racked up more than $450,000 in taxpayer money.
He is a madman suffering from delusions of grandeur.  Can the Night’s King just put him out of his misery?

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