Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Dad Surprises Son In Unbelievable Way

Marine Staff Sgt. John York has been deployed three times, but this last deployment was his first since his son Bryson was born.  He would be 7,000 miles away.  He decided to celebrate all the holidays he would miss with his son in the precious 10 days of pre-deployment leave.

The father-son duo went trick-or-treating together.  John went to every neighbor’s house on the block and he had candy that he handed to them so they’d be ready when his son rang the doorbell.
Santa came early with wrapped gifts delivered under a decorated Christmas tree and for his 4th birthday, which the two celebrated early, he got a brand new bike.
Although enjoying the holidays early was an amazing treat for their little boy, having a video keepsake of those moments was an even better treat for John.
The father and son have a bond that John’s wife Priscilla says she’d “never be able to match.”

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