Monday, May 9, 2016

Clinton Runs At Upson Downs: The Inaugural Prison Break Derby

While Ted Cruz was seen in Millionaire’s Row at the Kentucky Derby this past Saturday, doubtless enjoying a traditional mint julep, another politician was also at a horse race—not Churchill Downs mind you, but at Upson Downs for the running of the Inaugural Prison Break Derby.

Hillary was astride a swayback gelding spending the entire race looking over one shoulder and then the other because:
The FBI investigation swirling around Hillary Clinton’s presidential run appears to have entered the final stages. 
Many of the former Secretary of State’s key aides have been interviewed over the course of the last month, and Clinton herself is expected to answer investigators’ questions about her use of a private email server in the coming days or weeks. 
Former officials and legal experts say that Clinton’s testimony will likely be the final puzzle piece for federal prosecutors and FBI investigators as they decide whether to file any charges over her use of a personal email server.  
Bryan Pagliano, the IT specialist believed to have helped set up and maintained Clinton’s server, was granted immunity in exchange for his help with the investigation.  
Whatever the outcome of the case, the political controversy over Clinton’s email setup is unlikely to subside. 
Even if the Justice Department comes up empty, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuits are currently making their way through the courts, and are likely to shed additional light on Clinton’s setup for months to come.

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