Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Wormy Beards Strike Belgium’s Zaventem Airport and Maelbeek Metro

The war scenes in Brussels are heartbreaking.  World leaders have abdicated their duty to protect their citizens from twisted, sniveling radical Islamist terrorists.  They cower in the name of multi-culturalism and diversity.

Today’s attack came a week after French and Belgian security forces arrested the last surviving member of the ISIS cell responsible for the Paris massacre.

Counterterrorism officials have been on high alert for years.  The European immigration fiasco is to blame for security personnel being overwhelmed with hundreds of threats and freely admits it is the primary reason Salah Abdeslam went undetected for more than four months as he hid in plain sight from authorities seeking to bring him to justice.

“We just don’t have the people to watch anything else and, frankly, we don’t have the infrastructure to properly investigate or monitor hundreds of individuals suspected of terror links, as well as pursue the hundreds of open files and investigations we have,” the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the media, said.

“It’s literally an impossible situation and, honestly, it’s very grave.”

French President François Hollande said, “We are at war.”  The mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, is helping to keep the barbarians from the gates by ordering the Eiffel Tower be lit in the colors of Belgium on Tuesday night.  That gesture will surely aid in the destruction of radical Islam.

“It was a horror. I saw at least seven people dead. There was blood. People had lost legs. You could see their bodies but no legs.”

Others described seeing “dismembered bodies everywhere” and the ceiling collapsing after two blasts rocked the Brussels airport.

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair warned that “flabby liberalism” is helping terrorists because Britain’s elite feel too “guilty” to tackle the spread of extremism.  He went on to say “we concede too much” as many in politics are “unwilling to take people on” fearing they will be seen as intolerant of other cultures.  “One of the problems with the West is it constantly can be made to feel guilty about itself,” he said.

Blair, of course, is alluding to the lectures our betters on the Left pummel us with as they insist anyone criticizing the radical element of Islam is Islamophobic.  We stopped calling it the War on Terror the moment The World’s Most Dangerous Community Organizer took office. 

In one photograph, the horror is so palpable that two people are seen embracing each other after realizing they had survived the bomb blasts unscathed as a man lies on the ground just feet from them badly wounded.

These people are emblematic of the fear the world is caught up in.  It must stop.

UPDATE:  Richard Grenell, former US spokesman at the United Nations, just said on Fox News that the terror attacks in Brussels were not revenge attacks as was first suspected, but rather the result of Belgian and French authorities' inability to find Abdeslam quickly enough to stop the attacks. 

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