Saturday, March 26, 2016

Lascivious Gutter Politics

The National Enquirer has gotten its hands on some smut that someone somewhere hopes will destroy the presidential candidacy of Ted Cruz.  Let’s not pretend you haven’t read about it or heard it discussed on the boob tube.

Cruz is blaming Trump for the salacious story.  Trump denies it.  Some are tying the revelation to surrogates of Marco Rubio’s failed campaign.  Fingers are pointing literally everywhere.

The man at the center of this tabloid trash has characterized himself as an evangelical, a family man, courageous, conservative, consistent.  The allegation of extramarital affairs is calculated to destroy his credibility.

The headline on the front cover of the National Enquirer might as well have read, “Ted Cruz is Periodically Stricken by Pon Farr and Must Return to Vulcan to Take a Mate or Die.

Nothing has thus far been proven.  Nothing has been corroborated.  Nothing credible presented by credible journalists has emerged.

The dark art of opposition research is a perfected art form with the Clintons.  Their machine peddles hit jobs like no other.  Is it possible that Bill and Hillary’s oppo machine is behind all this?

Don’t laugh. In 2011, the founders of American Bridge, the first super PAC devoted exclusively to researching damaging information on GOP candidates, leveraged big donations from labor unions and donors such as George Soros to fund an army of campaign trackers and data miners.  

American Bridge has been credited with the destruction of Mitt Romney and Todd Akin. Its leaders have formed another super PAC called Correct the Record whose sole mission is to push the boundaries of campaign finance law by directly coordinating its research efforts with Clinton’s presidential campaign.

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