Sunday, March 6, 2016

Her Greatest Role Was As Ronnie’s Wife: Nancy Reagan Dead At The Age Of 94

Former First Lady Nancy Reagan died at her Bel-Air, CA home today of congestive heart failure at the age of 94, the Reagan library announced.

She will be buried alongside her beloved husband, former President Ronald Reagan, at his presidential library in Simi Valley, CA.

Her passing marks the end of “The Reagan Era”—a period in American history that witnessed great national pride under the leadership of America’s greatest president. 

Nancy Reagan was a distinctly eloquent example of fierce loyalty, unwavering courage and abiding love for her “Ronnie”.

I bear no shame in saying how devastated I am to learn of her passing while also being gladdened that she has joined her husband in Heaven.

Rest in peace Mrs. Reagan and thank you from a grateful nation for your service to America.

When I uploaded the embedded video on February 5, 2011 I created to pay tribute to the president so many loved I wrote, “Ronald Reagan gave hope to the oppressed, shamed the oppressors and ended an evil empire. The Reagan Years saw a restoration of prosperity, peace through strength and an invigoration of the American people.”

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