Sunday, March 6, 2016

George and Lorraine McFly’s Other Son “Little Marco” McFly

Marty McFly isn’t the only person to have traveled backwards in time.  As we learned last night following his drubbing in the “Super Saturday” primaries, “Little Marco” McFly brushed off his disappointing night firm in the notion that his future on March 15th will carve out a path to his nomination for president.

"What you need to understand is that all of these states are awarding delegates by proportion. So tonight, we will have more delegates than we did last night.  This map only gets better for us as we move forward in some of the other states," he said. "We're soon gonna be in the winner-take-all process…that's where we feel very confident as we move forward. We're gonna win Florida and you'll find out on March 15th how confident we are.”

NOTE:  For those too young to remember, The Chicago Tribune printed the most famous headline in its 150-year history based upon the overwhelming sense of inevitability that Thomas Dewey was going to defeat President Harry Truman in 1948.

The paper had relied on pundits and polls only to realize every publisher’s nightmare.  Truman defeated his opponent. 

The next day, November 3, Truman was traveling to Washington by train.  At a stop in St. Louis someone handed him a copy of The Tribune.  He held the paper up and photographers preserved the moment for history.

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