Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Donald Trump’s Tiny Baby Hands

A political action committee known as Trump Has Tiny Hands PAC joined the debate on Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump’s hands on Monday.  A guy named Henry Kraemer filed documents with the Federal Election Commission, established a website and a Twitter account as well.
Kraemer apparently was spurred on by the Never Trump coalition highlighting the size of Trump’s hands and another part of the real estate mogul’s anatomy.
Trump has made a concerted effort to deny he has tiny baby hands, but seems to be overwhelmed by the constant denigration of his tininess.
"When a call comes into the White House at 3 a.m., will Donald Trump's tiny baby hands be able to lift the phone receiver? This is something Americans should know before voting," Kraemer said in an interview with The Hill
In March 2015, legendary guitarist Eric Clapton turned 70 and shortly thereafter recorded his latest album Slowhand at 70.
Smitty, who is Robert Stacy McCain’s sidekick and blogger buddy at The Other McCain, contacted me with an idea for a Photoshop.  He suggested Clapton’s Slowhand album accentuating Trump’s tiny baby hands.
It’s no secret that celebrities of every ilk weigh in on politics thanks to their fame.  Taking pity on The Donald, Mr. Clapton held a charity Tiny Baby Hands concert to help battle the dastardly lies being promulgated on the Intertoobs.
NOTE FROM OUR ATTORNEY:  Eric Clapton did not perform at a concert to benefit Mr. Trump.  His hands are, in fact, tiny little sausage fingers.

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