Sunday, March 20, 2016

Communism Seemed Like A Good Idea To Fidel Castro Right Up Until He Was Rushed To The Hospital In A ’55 Oldsmobile

Let me say up front that I can’t wait until this guy’s term is finally over.  For the next three days our televisions and newspapers are going to be flooded with “Oh look, Obama did this and Obama did that” as he takes along with him on his “historic visit” to Cuba 20 members of Congress, four Cabinet members, prominent Cuban-Americans, a vast array of security personnel, business leaders sniffing for business tidbits, the Tampa Bay Rays baseball team, the entire Obama family and a gaggle of press.  It will be an impressively annoying circus.
Reuters News Service did a little advance work to inform its readers the mansion where the First Family will spend its nights has survived war and revolution and was “built to impress” using the finest materials and craftsmanship of the time.  According to lore, it was built as a winter White House for Obama’s idol FDR.  The highest ranking official to previously stay there was VP Richard Nixon.
Plainclothes police have blanketed Havana with security while public works crews have busily laid down asphalt in a city where drivers joke they must navigate "potholes with streets" and welcome signs emblazoned with images of Castro and the president have popped up everywhere. 
On their first evening in the communist utopia, the First Family will be carted around Old Havana for some carefully coordinated sight-seeing.  Monday the president will lay a wreath at the memorial dedicated to Jose Marti, the so-called “Apostle of the Cuban Revolution”, meet with Fidel’s brother Raul, participate in an “entrepreneurship summit” and conclude his day with a State Dinner at the Palace of the Revolution.
The following day, Ol’ Jug Ears will address the Cuban people, meet with dissidents and “civil society leaders” and enjoy a baseball game between the Tampa Bay Rays and the Cuban National Team.

NOTE:  The Los Angeles Times reports “authorities there are ordering dissidents invited to meet with the American leader to stay home instead.”  Elizardo Sanchez, a Cuban anti-government activist, said he and most of those invited planned to defy the government order noting that US officials were offering to help the activists get to the meeting with Obama.

Later in the afternoon, the errand boy sent by grocery clerks will depart for Buenos Aires, Argentina.

It is important to point out the son of Ernesto “Che” Guevara, Camilo, views Obama’s arrival in the Cold War capital of Cuba as a threat to his father’s legacy as Fidel Castro’s chief executioner and commander of Latin American death squads.

The propaganda machines will furiously spin to dispel the notion that Cuba’s national anthem isn’t “Row, row, row your boat.”

Our liberal friends are notoriously naive.

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