Friday, February 26, 2016

GOP Thunderdome Debate

I must admit that Thursday night’s debate from Houston was one helluva barn burner.  Normally, as I dutifully watch these things, I find myself nodding off.  Not so this time.  With Jeb out of the picture the war of words between Rubio, Trump and Cruz was brutal.

I’m still trying to decide who will get my vote.  I have a few days left before the window on early voting closes and I want to beat the rush because I’m a billionaire recluse and don’t like being among the great unwashed.

Marco Robot transformed himself into Master Blaster from Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.  It’s fair to say that Trump’s heavy application of orange spray tan made him remarkably thin-skinned for this debate..

For the last 7 months Trump has repeated the same phrases ad nauseum.  He touts what he will do when he is president but fails to give details.  The only thing I’ve noticed he changes from stump speech to stump speech is the placard on the front of the podium at which he speaks indicating the city in which the speech is being held.

Up to now, the debates have been an exercise in futility for Cruz and Rubio, but on this night their combination one-two punch found its mark.  The chink in Donald’s armor was revealed.

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