Friday, November 20, 2015

The Ticking Time Bomb Coming To Your Hometown

Provocative title?  You bet it is and with good reason.

The United Nations and radical Islamists are choosing your new Muslim neighbors.

According to a published report dated November 17, 2015, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Antonio Guterres, is working “hand in hand” with an international Islamist group of 57 Muslim nations—The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC)whose founding charter seeks to propagate “legitimate jihad” and the “norms of Islamic Shariah” and is tied to the radical Muslim Brotherhood.

The report goes on to say, “While the UN calls its project "refugee resettlement," the Islamists call it "hijra," or immigration jihad.
"Muhammad told his followers to migrate and spread Islam in order to dominate all the lands of the world," said Ann Corcoran, author of "Refugee Resettlement and the Hijra to America." 
"As of mid-2015, UNHCR has referred more than 15,000 Syrian refugees to the United States," the 71-page report adds. "And these individuals are being screened to determine whether they are eligible." 
Of course, that security screening is a joke, as the FBI director and his top counterterrorism aide, as well as the Homeland Security and National Intelligence chiefs, have all testified. 
State notes in its report that security checks include "biographic name checks for all refugee applicants and biometric (fingerprint) checks for refugee applicants." Only Syria is a failed state, and there are no fingerprint databases to check applicants against. 
The Islamic State has publicly vowed to use the refugee program to invade [emphasis mine] Europe and America, and allegedly has already infiltrated some 4,000 "warriors" among the flood of Syrian refugees.

Am I reacting to the atrocities of the recent Paris attacks?  No.

I don’t want to get caught up in a web of semantics and technical differences, but the FBI’s director of Terrorist Explosive Device Analytical Center told ABC News that there were dozens of counterterrorism investigations into resettled refugees.

A glaring example of this administration’s inability to adequately “screen” those coming into this country is the case of the Boston Marathon bombers, Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, who were Chechen.  The Russian government warned US authorities that they were violent radical Islamists more than a year and a half before the April 2013 bombing.

“In March 2011, the FSB, the Russian intelligence agency that arose from the remnants of the KGB, sent a cable to the FBI with its concerns about Tamerlan Tsarnaev and the Tsarnaev family. By then, the Tsarnaevs, a Muslim family of mixed Chechen ancestry, had been living in Massachusetts for almost a decade.”

These two men murdered three people, one of whom was an 8-year-old boy and injured more than 260 others leaving some as amputees.

As Dzhokhar lay wounded in a boat from multiple police bullets he wrote, "The US government is killing our innocent civilians, but most of you already know that. As a Muslim I can't stand to see such evil go unpunished. We Muslims are one body, you hurt one you hurt us all...Know you are fighting men who look into the barrel of your gun and see heaven. Now how can you compete with that? We are promised victory and we will surely get it."

As the headlines scream at us, The World’s Most Dangerous Community Organizer continues to insult anyone who believes the refugee resettlement program poses a clear and present danger.  It is so simple for he and his disciples to scold to us from their gated communities that “slamming the door in their faces would be a betrayal of our values.”

It is his abject failure in the Middle East that has wrought this crisis.  Thanks Obama.

UPDATE:  Thanks to The Pirate's Cove for linking to this post.

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