Friday, November 6, 2015

Sniveling, Snot-Nosed Brats

By now you’ve seen the disgusting video produced by a political action committee “dedicated to fighting anti-Latino and anti-immigrant racism in the 2016 election.”

It is well past time for all Americans to know the extent to which our nation is at risk because of “La Raza” — The Race.

Back in July of this year, the Democratic candidates for president gave speeches at the annual conference of the National Council of La Raza in Kansas City, MO.

Bernie Sanders expressed his outrage saying, "We have come a long, long way to overcome racism. We've elected the first African American president. For a major candidate [Trump] of the U.S. to be throwing slurs at one group of people because of the country they came from is totally unacceptable.”

The Ice Cube In Heels told the crowd that everyone knows immigrants living here illegally and Trump’s comments are about “people you and I know” and described his hammering of immigrants here illegally as “shameful.”  "I have just one word for Mr. Trump—Basta! Enough!" Clinton said to cheers.

For extra measure, HUD Secretary Julián Castro, considered a potential vice presidential running mate to Clinton, piled on as well in his speech delivered between O'Malley's and Clinton's.

"Donald Trump and his conservative allies oughta hear this: Americans will not stand for your rhetoric or your hatred, not today, not tomorrow and not ever," Castro said, winning applause.

You can smell the fear the Democrats feel at the possibility of Trump becoming the GOP nominee.  Behind the curtains the Democratic Party and NCLR are working feverishly to destroy his chances and those of any other Republican seeking the Oval Office.

Enter the PAC that has sniveling, snot-nosed brats screaming profanities in English and Spanish at Trump…and at us.  The PAC, which I will not favor with a link, is run by the very same campaign manager for a pro-Hillary Clinton PAC according to a published report by the Media Research Center.  Luke Montgomery owns both domains and was behind the equally disgusting FCKH8 video which had little girls dressed as princesses uttering F-bombs.

The backlash against the in-your-face tactic forced Montgomery to respond to Fox Latino, "The adorable and articulate kids in the video are using bad words for a good cause. What's more offensive? A four-letter word, or a Republican presidential frontrunner who is calling Mexican immigrants 'rapists' and 'drug dealers' and referring to American-born U.S. citizen kids as ‘anchor babies’ and talking of changing the constitution to strip them of their legal rights as Americans?"

Here’s what little “Ricardo” wants us to know:
“You see, the Constitution makes me a citizen.  And you hate that because I’m brown!  And you say you’re a patriot?  But you want to tear the Bill of Rights?  How?  I’m an American, born in the USA.  This is my home.  You can’t take my rights away.  If you don’t like our Constitution and what it stands for, get the fuck of out of my country.  There’s the door!”
Where does this wretched attitude come from?  From the burgeoning “birth tourism” industry that permits newborns of women who are not here on tourist visas, but are here illegally to grant American citizenship to their child. This is an irresistible inducement to break our laws; just meander across our borders and head to the nearest hospital and have your anchor baby, procure U.S. citizenship, go on public assistance and bring in the rest of your family. It’s quite literally an invasion.

The Citizenship Clause is being capriciously reversed by hordes of illegals and misguided Democrats seeking one thingincreasing their voting rolls.

The kids in the video should have their seat of learning warmed up by someone who knows howa nun with a sturdy ruler and the insertion of a bar of soap jammed down their smarmy, profane little pie holes.

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