Tuesday, November 17, 2015

President Issues Statement About His ISIS Strategy From Golf Course

I have been trying to contain my outrage and sadness over the bloodbath we witnessed in Paris last Friday.  I was beginning to settle down until I watched our president stand on the dais at the Antalya G20 Summit and field questions from the press.  Never in my life have I witnessed a more contemptible display of indifference and downright arrogance.

I went to bed last night very late.  I woke up about three hours later still very angry about that press conference.  I decided to fire up the computer and see what others were sensing and hit the jackpot.

If you don’t follow Jon Gabriel on Twitter you should.  Mr. Gabriel is a political writer who contributes to Ricochet, The Blaze, Freedom Works and the Heartland Institute.  I saw his tweet announcing his latest piece at Ricochet entitled “Obama and the Office of the Petulancy” and clicked on over.
It’s difficult to overstate how poorly Barack Obama performed at Monday’s press conference from the G20 summit in Antalya, Turkey. As France deals with the aftermath of an ISIS attack leaving 132 dead (so far), hundreds wounded, and thousands of lives shattered, the ersatz leader of the free world responded with an embarrassing display of indifference, peevishness, and open contempt. He was less ‘President Obama’ and more ‘Petulant Obama.’" 
“As reporters lobbed obvious questions about Obama’s dismissive description of ISIS as a JV team, his broken promise to degrade and destroy the group, and the massive intelligence failure that rocked Europe, he seemed annoyed at all the fuss.”
“The bureaucratic boredom with which Obama delivered the lines was reminiscent of Michael Dukakis airily dismissing a debate hypothetical in which his wife was raped and murdered.” 
“Yes, Paris is a setback but we’ve lowered our flags. Next question.”
Jim Avila:  “In the days and weeks before the Paris attacks, did you receive warning in your daily intelligence briefing that an attack was imminent? If not, does that not call into question the current assessment that there is no immediate, specific, credible threat to the United States today? And secondly, if I could ask you to address your critics who say that your reluctance to enter another Middle East war, and your preference of diplomacy over using the military makes the United States weaker and emboldens our enemies.” 
Obama:  “Jim, every day we have threat streams coming through the intelligence transit. And as I said, every several weeks we sit down with all my national security, intelligence, and military teams to discuss various threat streams that may be generated.” 
By this point, it was obvious that Professor Obama was very disappointed with his class: 
“But what we do not do, what I do not do is to take actions either because it is going to work politically or it is going to somehow, in the abstract, make America look tough, or make me look tough. And maybe part of the reason is because every few months I go to Walter Reed, and I see a 25-year-old kid who’s paralyzed or has lost his limbs, and some of those are people I’ve ordered into battle. And so I can’t afford to play some of the political games that others may.” 
“We’ll do what’s required to keep the American people safe. And I think it’s entirely appropriate in a democracy to have a serious debate about these issues. If folks want to pop off and have opinions about what they think they would do, present a specific plan. If they think that somehow their advisers are better than the Chairman of my Joint Chiefs of Staff and the folks who are actually on the ground, I want to meet them. And we can have that debate. But what I’m not interested in doing is posing or pursuing some notion of American leadership or America winning, or whatever other slogans they come up with that has no relationship to what is actually going to work to protect the American people, and to protect people in the region who are getting killed, and to protect our allies and people like France. I’m too busy for that.” 
We should be thankful he wasn’t making the statement from a golf course.
It is cathartic for me to create Photoshops™.  That sentence about the golf course was a perfect visual and I jumped on it.

You can read the entire article by Mr. Gabriel here.

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