Monday, November 2, 2015

Carolina Panthers Vs Indianapolis Colts

The 3-4 Colts come to Bank of America Stadium tonight to face the 6-0 Panthers.  Monday Night Football kicks off is 8:30 PM ET on ESPN.

Of the six college football games I had my eye on last Saturday, only one of my teams emerged victorious.  The Royals took the crown in the 2015 World Series, but then my beloved Green Bay Packers were humiliated by the Broncos last night.  I’m ready to win a damn football game.

Can the Panthers remain undefeated?  I dunno.  The Colts defense has been terrible so far this season while the Panthers defense has been described as one of the stingiest in the NFL.  If Cam Newton continues to mature and can find a way to get the ball to his best receiver, Greg Olsen, they might manage to eke out a victory.  After all, he had impressive performances against the Seahawks and the Eagles.

With the Packers falling to the Broncos, there remain only four teams in the league who are undefeated.  It would be logical to assume the Colts will lose tonight with QB Andrew Luck’s shoulder injury and his poor decision making.  Honestly, the pressure to remain undefeated is building to a crescendo.  Are the Panthers capable to handling it?  Again, I dunno.  The franchise is in uncharted waters.


And since no football post would be complete without some pom-poms, I hope you’ll enjoy this photograph of the ever-alluring Top Cats.

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