Sunday, September 13, 2015

Carolina Panthers Vs Jacksonville Jaguars

Today the Carolina Panthers travel to EverBank Field in Jacksonville to take on the Jaguars.  The game airs at 1:00 PM on Fox.

Color me even more cynical about the Angry Kitties than I was last year.  Here’s whycornerback Josh Norman and QB Cam Newton are both yappers and found themselves embroiled in a fight during training camp on August 10th.

As the “story” goes, Newton threw a pass that was low and Norman intercepted it.  He did what every defensive player is taught to do.  He ran with the ball toward the end zone.  Showing a remarkable lack of maturity, Newton pursued him and Norman stiff-armed him in the helmet.  Newton called him a “pissant” and then as his teammates pulled him off, Newton was heard saying, "Hit me like that again and you'll know something."

I have been critical of Newton ever since he signed with the Panthers.  Immature quarterbacks don’t win in the NFL.  Can you hear me “Johnny Football”?  Newton’s signature “Superman” celebration after every touchdown and his “first down motion” after moving the chains is a display of showboating that I greatly detest.  But then, I feel the same way about the 49ers’ Colin Kaepernick.  Maybe I’m too old-fashioned.  Maybe I’m more of a football purist than I thought, but this kind of nonsense is taking over the NFLnot to mention the criminals and cheaters who are literally getting away with murder.

Oh, and the Panthers finished under .500 last year.  Cam’s less than sterling stats of a mere 18 TDs and 12 INTs last season most assuredly didn’t warrant a massive contract extension totaling $103.8M.

The League has become a sad spectacle and yet we watch.  Yes, I’m going to watch today’s games.  The contest between Carolina and Jacksonville is of interest to me solely because former Alabama Crimson Tide star running back T. J. Yeldon (career rushing yards 3322, 494 receiving yards and 37 TDs) will start for the Jags at tailback today.

When I reviewed the NFL schedule before preseason, I noticed my Angry Kitties do not play the San Francisco 49ers this season.  That means that Proof, a diehard Niners fan, may resist the urge to flap his gums at me.


And…since no football post would be complete without a photograph of cheerleaders and pom-poms, I’m posting this unusual image of the poor Top Cats who were drenched by a monsoon when these two teams last played each other back in 2011.

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