Saturday, August 8, 2015

Hurry Up And Slide Into Oblivion

I don’t know if what I’ve written here can be called a rant, but I damn sure know that it will infuriate the folks who are supporting Donald Trump.

The consensus seems to be that the American people are so fed up with politicians that they are drawn to the man who professes he is not one.  While it is true that his plain-spoken rhetoric has struck a chord that speaks to that anger, think for a moment about this:  haven’t we already spent seven years with a man in the White House who is clueless, petty, angry, self-centered and narcissistic?

Why the hell are people so willing to support a man who possesses these negative characteristics too?

No, I am not angry that Trump has gone on a nasty tirade against Megyn Kelly.  Trump is acting like a spoiled brat because hard-hitting questions were asked of him at the first GOP presidential debate.  Did Trump really think that running for the most powerful office in the world was going to be easy?

I thought we expected more from the men and women who seek to lead us.  Donald Trump is an imbecile.  His answers lack substance.  They lack clear direction.  In fact, they are not answers at all.

The World’s Most Dangerous Community Organizer has certainly achieved his goal of fundamentally transforming America if voters will so readily cling to a boor like The Donald.

I will not, cannot support a buffoon.  I can’t wait for the one who currently occupies the Oval Office to leave.  I certainly don’t want another one to take his place on January 20, 2017.

I don’t give a damn about his wealth.  Does it bother anyone else that he paid Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi to come to his wedding or that Bill Clinton placed a phone call to him prior to his announcing his candidacy?  Is Trump a wrecking ball?

Trump is playing the victim after the debate and he looks, smells and sounds just like the guy we already have in the White House.  No thanks, Donald.  Your B-movie mobster persona isn’t working for me.  Hurry up and slide into oblivion.

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