Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Trail Of Tears

According to The Hill, the two Soros-backed PACs responsible for launching the “Run Warren Run” campaign will be suspending operations on Monday after establishing field offices in Iowa and New Hampshire, hiring nine full-time organizers and recruiting volunteer captains throughout The Granite State and in 90 of Iowa’s 99 counties.

Despite all their futile efforts and Fauxcahontas’ repeated insistence she would not seek the presidency in 2016, the needle never moved for a Warren presidential campaign.  They continued to harangue their “ideal choice” to challenge the Democrats’ monarch-in-waiting.

A spokesman for the inane group said, “When Warren spoke, we made sure people listened.  Even more than usual.”  Sorry.  I pay pretty close attention to politics and I can say with confidence their notion of success is grossly removed from reality.
My guess is Granny Clinton told ‘ol Lizzie to “go to the back of the line.”

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