Friday, June 26, 2015

Send In The Clowns

Via TV Newser we are learning that Fox News Channel has terminated its relationship with Bob Beckel the left-leaning, suspender-wearing, mumbling, grumbling, drug-addled co-host of The Five.

Beckel has been absent from the popular show since February of this year.  Bill Shine, Executive Vice President of Programming, released a statement saying, “We tried to work with Bob for months, but we couldn’t hold The Five hostage to one man’s personal issues.  He took tremendous advantage of our generosity, empathy and goodwill and we simply came to the end of the road with him.  Juan Williams and Geraldo Rivera will be among those rotating on the show for the near future.”

A month after Beckel left the show the cable channel announced to viewers that Beckel had undergone major back surgery.  On April 30, 2015 TV Newser reached out to Fox after learning that Beckel was being treated for addiction to prescription pain medication before and after his surgery.

His tenure on The Five was marred by a handful of notable flaps, including a moment last summer when he called the star of "The Bachelorette" a "slut" during a live broadcast.

He also landed in hot water for claiming on-air that he'd done drugs in the White House, flipping off a fellow co-host, threatening Jason Mattera’s life, throwing F-bombs and referring to the Chinese as "chinamen."

Beckel is the poster child for liberal failure.  He worked as a deputy assistant secretary of State during the Carter administration and was the campaign manager for Walter Mondale’s 1984 presidential bid against Ronald Reagan.

The embedded tweet below almost makes one sad.  Almost.

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