Saturday, January 3, 2015

NFL Wildcard Weekend: Carolina Panthers Vs Arizona Cardinals

This is Wildcard Weekend and the 10-6 Baltimore Ravens meet the 11-5 Pittsburgh Steelers.  Kickoff is 8:15 PM ET on NBC tonight.  On Sunday, the 10-5-1 Bengals take on the 11-5 Colts at 1:05 PM ET on CBS followed by the 11-5 Detroit Lions doing battle with the 12-4 Dallas Cowboys at 4:40 PM ET on FOX.  (Think anyone might stomp on Ndamukong Suh’s legs?)

The 7-8-1 Carolina Panthers host the 11-5 Arizona Cardinals in the Bank of America Stadium today.  The NFC South Division is pathetic.  The Saints finished their season at 7-9, the Falcons at 6-10 and the Bucs at 2-14. 

The Panthers have won their last four games to teams without a winning season. The Cardinals have lost four of their last six.  Most coaches would prefer the Panthers' last month of the regular season to that of the Cardinals'.  The Cats have been handed a tremendous break.  I hope they take advantage of it.

Five of the seven USA Today sportswriters are predicting a Panthers win.  I don’t see it.  If they’re basing their prediction on Arizona’s QB problems, then I can counter that with the problems the Panthers organization has had with an arrogant, overrated Newton and his favorite target Kelvin Benjamin who drops way too many passes.

Panthers fans haven’t seen a playoff game in nine years and today will be cold and wet and nasty.  If the Panthers do win today, it looks like they’ll face the Packers, a team I have rooted for all my life going back to the days when Bart Starr was their quarterback.


And because no football post would be complete with some pom-poms, here’s a photo of some luscious Top Cat lovelies cheering for the home team.

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