Monday, November 17, 2014

You Do Kind Deeds Because It's Who You Are

All too often in life we are met with trying times.  You find yourself praying for a solution in those times.   The conservative blogosphere is filled with loving, caring people who do kind deeds because that’s who they are.

Blogger sister and friend, Always On Watch, finds herself dealing with a “cascade of problems.”  Her husband’s in-home hospital bed requires a new motor, the car she relies on to take hubby and his scooter to doctor appointments needs the brakes and the power steering repaired, a dangerous and potentially deadly problem with her home’s electrical panel box is affecting the water heater; and worst of all, her husband’s medication, which used to cost $24 to refill now is draining her wallet to the tune of $648 due to the infamous “donut hole” which exists in Medicare Part D.

AOW has been dealing with these financial burdens since October 27th.  Essentially, she’s coped as best she can, but she’s reached the end of her rope.  Several years ago, her husband suffered a stroke.  As a result, she is now his caregiver while also working to earn a living as a home school teacher.

God grants us 86,400 seconds a day.  Will you take a few of those precious seconds to leave a comment at her place to encourage her?  If you have a few bucks to spare, would you consider donating to her tip jar?  She will be touched by your compassion.

With Thanksgiving approaching, wouldn’t it be wonderful to lighten the burdens of another?  May God bless you abundantly, love you dearly and watch over you always.

UPDATE:  After waiting most of the day, Always On Watch is reporting good news.  At 7:00 PM she said her husband’s in-home hospital bed has finally been repaired and he is now able to elevate his paralyzed leg in order to reduce the edema (swelling due to the accumulation of fluid) and perhaps lower his blood pressure.

We’re praying for you.  Keep us posted girl.

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