Sunday, November 16, 2014

Carolina Panthers Vs Atlanta Falcons

The NFC South is pitiful.  With the Saints leading that division at 4-5, today’s game between the 3-6-1 Panthers and the 3-6 Falcons is sure to be a crapfest.

The game kicks off at home for the Panthers at Bank of America Stadium at 1:00 PM ET on Fox.

Some dink over at The Sheet News wrote, “The Panthers have really disappointed me with the way they are handling QB Cam Newton. He is clearly hurt badly and they are running him out there with no help. To top it off they are dogging him to the press. His own organization is dogging him…saying he is NOT hurt and giving him ZERO help. If I were Cam Newton I would pull a Dwight Howard and walk away. They are now trying to drive his value down so they don’t have to pay him.”

Apparently this guy forgot everything about Cam Newton that is unsavory and the money daddy Cecil Newton took.  I have said many times that Newton has talent but not enough talent that he deserves to be put on a pedestal.

So the question is Newton banged up or overrated?  He’s both.  He had surgery on his ankle in the off-season and then injured his ribs early in the regular season.  He has turned fraidy cat since getting hurt.  That has made him inaccurate and painfully slow to make decisions.

I will say again today, as I have numerous times before, take Newton out of the game and give back-up QB Derek Anderson a chance to lead the team.  Newton needs to be shown he is not the center of the Panthers’ fan base world.  After the season is over, release him from his contract and draft someone else who wants to play.

As for today, I’m not wasting my time watching what will doubtless be a total crapfest.  I’ll watch the Eagles-Packers game pulling for the Packers and then root like hell for the Colts tonight against the Patriots. 

And because no football post would be complete without pom-poms, check out Top Cat Whitney.

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