Saturday, November 8, 2014

Alabama Crimson Tide Vs LSU Bengal Tigers

Okay people.  Today is the day my beloved boys from Bama take on LSU’s Tigers in Death Valley.  The Crimson Tide is currently ranked No.4 and LSU sits at No. 14.  The game kicks off at 8:00 PM ET on CBS.

“Couchgating” checklist:  Bama jersey, Houndstooth hat, big foam finger, major snackeries, plenty of libations and a few friends to root with during the game.  Check.

I’m a diehard fan alright—not so extreme as to name my kids Krimson Tyde and Alliegh Bama or to have a hissy fit like the gal who had a meltdown after Ole Miss lost to LSU on October 25th.  The video, which went viral, shows a devout Ole Miss fan slamming a gallon of milk on a countertop swearing (and I do mean swearing) that she hated LSU.

My good friend and blog sister, Diogenes’ Middle Finger is an LSU fan.  A few days after that game, in response to a snarky comment she posted on my blog, I emailed her and asked if she would be interested in making a friendly wager on the outcome of the game.

We agreed to call it the “Alabama-LSU Milk Challenge” because of that Ole Miss fan’s major milk meltdown.  We agreed if our team lost the other would donate $100 to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Alabama has a 48-25-5 record against the Tigers.  That stat means very little when these two teams meet on the battlefield.  Consider that LSU is playing at home where they rarely lose.  T.J. Yeldon has a foot injury that may limit his number of carries and LT Cam Robinson is nursing a high ankle sprain.

Both teams are riding a three-game winning streak. I’d like to see Diogenes’ wallet get drained, but, but if my boys lose…wait…I can’t let that happen.  Seriously, no matter what happens on the field of play tonight, the Wounded Warrior Project will emerge as the true winner.


And because no football post would be complete without some pom-poms, feast your eyes on these lovelies.

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