Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Chuck Todd: The Game Of Thronesniffers

Today, the results of a new poll from The Wall Street Journal and NBC News were released.  Ordinarily, this would be a non-event.

What made today’s polling so significant that it prompted a Drudge siren headline was the fact the NBC/Comcast thronesniffer, Chuck Todd, breathlessly declared the Obama presidency to be over.

The approval rating for The World’s Most Dangerous Community Organizer has dropped to 41 percent, a majority of Americans disapprove of his handling of foreign policy issues, he has lost support from the Hispanic community and Americans actually think his administration is less competent than the Bush White House post-Hurricane Katrina.

Here’s a partial transcript from Wednesday’s Morning Joe show:

TODD: It is. It's cratering. I mean, if you think about it, let's go back to September, Syria. Then you have the crisis in Ukraine and then you had the situation with the Bergdahl trade, then we can talk about the Iranian negotiations, we can talk about the Middle East flaring up, and now the situation with Iraq. Everything is a negative, and these are now creating a situation, lowest ever, lowest job rating, lowest approval rating among foreign policy.


GUTHRIE: Let's show the poll number you call the dagger. "Can the President lead and get the job done?" 54% say no.

TODD: And this is what's amazing here. This is as if the public is saying, "Hey, buddy, your presidency is over. You may not believe it is, but your ability to lead and convince us that you have the right policies anymore, we're not listening." That's what that poll question says. That's the most dangerous poll question in this—in this survey for the President.

‘Ol Remus from The Woodpile Report has some sage words for Chuckie that may help him grasp the concept behind the contempt:
“It comes down to this: we know what we are to them, enemies to be punished.  Their words.  They say they don't want to quell anger.  They say they're itching for a fight.  They say they'll hit back twice as hard. These are their terms. They believe, actually believe, their insults and libel and threats should go unanswered.  If treating the people as enemies is proper then punishing the people is proper.  And so they do.  They believe these things because resistance is what they fear, so resistance is what they see.  But something far tougher than resistance is emerging.  It's everywhere and nowhere, it's self-assembling, it's committed to restoring a legitimate Constitutional republic and therefore every bit the enemy they imagine it to be. They're looking for noise and drama. They're fools. They merely need to look around.  It's already upon them.”

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