Friday, May 9, 2014

Department Of Ill-Advised Photo Opportunities

The Associated Press noted in its coverage of The World’s Most Dangerous Community Organizer’s visit to a Mountain View, CA Walmart, that he triggered a backlash from labor unions and pay equity advocates who say low wages paid by Walmart “fly in the face of Obama’s vaunted push to pay equity.”
TWMDCO enraged labor unions by congratulating their arch-enemy Wal-Mart for making a big commitment to solar panels.

John Hayward, opining at Human Events notes, “Wally World holds the same talismanic significance for unions that the Keystone XL pipeline holds for radical environmentalists.”

"The president's visit sends a terrible message to workers across America," Joe Hansen, president of the United Food and Commercial Workers union, which has battled Walmart for years, said in a statement. "He is lending credibility to a bad actor when he should be joining the calls for Walmart to change."

The progressive online advocacy group CREDO declared the visit "outrageous" and called on the White House to scrap it. Pam Ramos, a Walmart worker employed at the very store Obama is visiting, wrote an op-ed in Salon asking the president to "tell Walmart to pay us enough to cover the bills."

In a Facebook post, Robert Reich, the former labor secretary under Bill Clinton, wondered, "What numbskull in the White House arranged this?"  

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