Monday, January 27, 2014

Bon Appétit, Rats!

Not to be confused with National Cheese Day which falls on June 4th, The World’s Most Dangerous Community Organizer and his juvenile delinquent West Wingers will be fielding questions from Obamaphone owners and other idol worshippers with a virtual Big Block of Cheese Day.  Yep, it’s for reals.

It’s an event where no one is actually invited and where no cheese will actually be served and TWMDCO will answer staged questions.

Big Block of Cheese Day will be January 29th, the day after the State of the Union Address where he will once again talk the country to death.  We’ll be forced to listen to how he’ll improve the economy and how important privacy is and Obamacare is working really, really well.  There will be a blurb about ladders of opportunity and how Republicans are evil.  He’ll throw in a dash of race card and invoke his old standby bullshit line that with him in “the people’s house” the oceans will rise and the planet will begin to heal.”

Americans by the millions will curl up in fetal balls—blah, blah this and blah, blah that mimicking Charlie Brown’s teacher—until their ears bleed.

All we’ll need then will be a day devoted to fermented curds.  This White House is stupendously laughable.

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