Saturday, December 28, 2013

The 2013 PUK Awards Round One

BigFurHat and the crew of IOwnTheWorld are busily putting together the nominees for the highly vaunted PUK Awards.  Round One has been posted.

B. Keyser, All The Right Snark, Earl of Taint, The Looking Spoon, iOwnTheWorld, Diogenes’ Middle Finger, Terrell Aftermath and ZappaTrust are all contenders in this first round.

BigFurHat informs voters that the top 4 make it through.  Please go over to iOwnTheWorld and cast your votes for your faves.  They’re all great, but if I can nudge you gently here, I’d like you to give your thumbs up to three of my very talented friends:  Diogenes, Earl of Taint and The Looking Spoon.

Voting is open for this round through tomorrow, Saturday, December 28th at 8:00 PM.

Jump on over there and let these hard-working choppers feel the love.

UPDATE 12-28-2013 8:58 PM:  Congratulations to B. Keyser, The Looking Spoon and Diogenes.  They are the first semi-finalists in the 2013 PUK Awards.  The second round of ten will be posted sometime tonight just after Midnight ET.

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