Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Word Most Linked To “Chechen” Is “Terrorist”

Born into a Chechen family, the bastard who was apprehended while cowering inside a dry-docked boat in Watertown has been brought to justice.  All we know at this point is that Chechnya has always been a place of violence, abductions, widows, orphans and rape.

Daniel Greenfield writes that Beslan has come to America.  I applaud Mr. Greenfield’s truthfulness.
There has been too much sympathy in some circles for Chechen terrorists. After the Beslan Massacre, Time Magazine asked, “Does Russia Share Blame for Beslan?” The London Times reported that the mastermind of the massacre was “is in a state of shock over what happened, but blames the Russians.” 
This was Beslan. 
“Other survivors told how screaming teenage girls were dragged into rooms adjoining the gymnasium where they were being held and raped by their Chechen captors who chillingly made a video film of their appalling exploits. They said children were forced to drink their own urine and eat the petals off the flowers they had brought their teachers after nearly three days without food or water in the stifling hot gym.” 
These are the types of savage monsters who could place a bomb next to an 8-year-old boy. 
Beslan has come to America and it should be a wake up call. There should be no more sympathy for Chechen terrorists. Or for that matter any Muslim terrorists. 
And we need to stop bringing refugees from Muslim conflicts to America. That goes for Chechens, Afghans, Syrians and all the rest. All we’re doing is importing bloody wars from around the world here. 
Events like the Marathon Massacre are inevitable if we keep maintaining an immigration policy that invites the people responsible for atrocities such as Beslan to repeat them in this country. 

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