Monday, March 4, 2013

“We Accept All Major Credit Cards, Personal Checks And Large Sacks Of Cash”

In Fred Barnes’ latest piece at The Weekly Standard, he blithely asks:
“Why do presidents get in trouble in their second terms? They think they have a mandate when they don’t. They believe they’re stronger politically than they really are. They’re convinced they can get away with things other presidents couldn’t. They think too highly of themselves personally and act accordingly.”
OFA (Organizing for Action) has shapeshifted from Organizing for America to a disturbing tax exempt social welfare group unbound by campaign restrictions and no precedent in national politics.  An extension of the West Wing, it is stocked with campaign fanatics devoted exclusively to Teh Won’s second-term schemes.

Apparently, its function is to liberate our perfumed potentate from having to deal face-to-face with Republicans.  Its objective is to raise $50 million by rewarding donors who pay $500,000 access to quarterly meetings with the emperor, er, dictator.

Astonishingly, Fred Wertheimer, campaign finance reform advocate with Democracy 21 ranted:
“Organizing for Action is unlike any entity we have ever seen before tied to a president.  This group is so tied to Obama himself, that it creates opportunities for corporations and individuals to buy corrupting influence with the administration—and at a minimum, to create the appearance of such influence.”
Today, Wertheimer tweeted this:

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