Monday, March 11, 2013

To Love And Be Loved Is The Greatest Happiness Of Existence

The devastating news that one of our own is losing her fight with cancer exploded across the dextrosphere last November.  I paid tribute to Amusing Bunni as soon as I found out.

I wrote, “Fate ordains that friends must part.  They don’t teach you what to say to a friend who’s dying.  I will never forget you.  May God place His Hand upon your shoulder and comfort you in the days and weeks to come.”

In a post from this past Friday, Bunni declared her great appreciation for the prayers and well-wishes that were sent her way, most especially “the wonderful emails from PayPal saying ‘a donation has been made.’”

Bunni continues, “Sadly, though, I haven't been getting any of those in quite a while.  You know I don't like to ‘beg’, and never ask you to ‘hit the tip jar’ and all that other stuff.  I just have my medical donation button at the top right of the Blog, and I hope and pray that you can find some extra money to help me out when you can.  Well, I'm asking again now because after over 4 months without any money coming in at all, things are REALLY tight around here.  Unlike some people, I am not married, so I can't depend on anyone else's income.  If you are married and have a supportive partner, you are TRULY BLESSED by God and go and give them a kiss & a hug RIGHT NOW.”

I find this to be unacceptable.

Longtime friend, Barking Spider, left jolly old England to visit Bunni for two weeks.  From his report, these kindred spirits had a blast.  Most importantly though, Spidey is urging everyone who can to toss a few dead presidents in Bunni’s PayPal account for her mounting medical bills.

Times are hard for everyone.  If ten folks could donate $10, Bunni would have $100.  If just 50 gave $10…well, you know where the math is going.

Please consider assisting this gentle, good woman.  She lives alone.  She’s bound to be scared.  It would mean so much to her to know that we continue to support her.

She said she needs hugs.  If you can’t afford a few bucks to help one of God’s children, at least visit her site and leave a message of hope and encouragement.

UPDATE:  I have alerted Bunni that any link to PayPal from another site gives an error message.  So, if you're planning to donate to her medical bills please go to her blog and click on the link located at the top of her sidebar.

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