Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Buzz Of Propellers

Senator Rand Paul began his filibuster yesterday by declaring he would not sit quietly and let our perfumed potentate shred the Constitution and triumphantly drew this administration’s secret drone program out of the shadows.

Paul took to the floor of the Senate after he received a statement from Attorney General Eric Holder, the man who once called America a “nation of cowards”.

“To allow one man to accuse you in secret—you never get notified you’ve been accused,” Paul said on the floor. “Your notification is the buzz of propellers on the drone as it flies overhead in the seconds before you’re killed. Is that what we really want from our government?”

In a riveting torrent of words that challenged the current regime, Rand asked, “Can the president have the power to decide when the Bill of Rights applies?”  He continued, “Some in the media should ask the president, do you plan on killing Americans who are not in combat, people he might be accusing of some kind of crime, but who are not actually engaged in combat?  It should be an easy question.”

President-Can’t-I-Just-Eat-My-Waffles ran for office proclaiming, “We’re not going to tap phones without a warrant, we’re not going to torture people because that’s not who we are,” now says we’re going to kill people with no due process.

It’s astonishing that this president clings to the right to murder Americans on American soil.

Rand Paul’s filibuster is a clarion call for America and all its citizens to sit up and take notice of the man who has repeatedly shown his contempt for the Constitution and its clear limits on his power. 

Now is not the time for indifference from this country’s citizenry.  We must #StandWithRand.

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