Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Americans Are Starved For Leadership

The video of Dr. Benjamin Carson speaking at the National Prayer Breakfast has, as of this posting, garnered 2,031,215 views on YouTube™.

Dr. Carson’s speech reduced to ashes the policies of the current administration.  Not one word was uttered that was critical of this president, but persuasively centered on individual responsibility, the corollary effects of moral decay, an exploded national debt, the destructive effects of political correctness and class warfare.

As you watch the 27-minute video, it becomes obvious to the viewer that it was infuriating for our perfumed potentate to have his policies contested by a black man of such incomparable character and overwhelming accomplishments.

Dr. Carson believes that doctors who have "learned how to make decisions based on facts, empirical data, rather than on ideology should be involved more in politics.”

That speech created a firestorm on the Left.  Flyover country fell in love with him and many are calling on him to run for president.  Asked if he would consider running, Carson said he’d run only "if God grabs me by the collar and sticks me in that arena."

"I have so many emails from people saying that, I could probably finance my campaign if each one gave me a nickel."

Jack Kelly, a columnist for The Pittsburg Post-Gazette wrote, “Dr. Carson has never held public office—a yellow light, if not a red flag, for many. But you can learn what a president needs to know without holding office, and we've ample evidence that holding office is no guarantee you ever will.”

The juxtaposition of a famed pediatric neurosurgeon on the dais at the National Prayer Breakfast standing just feet away from the community-organizer-turned-emperor-with-no-clothes vividly declares that Dr. Carson is everything Obama is not.  This phenomenon strongly suggests that Americans are starved for leadership.

Just imagine, as I have in the Photoshop™ I created for this post that Dr. Carson would run.

The strong reaction to Carson’s speech tells us a lot about how abysmal this regime has been and will continue to be over the next four years.  The Left sees Carson as the GOP’s “Great Black Hope.”

The 2008 Presidential Medal of Freedom winner is a threat to the destructive ideology of progressives and as one crackpot blogger wrote, “The problem of course is that the Republicans are not really looking for a black candidate; they’re looking for a shill for bad policies. They’re looking for a puppet that will stand at the podium with a Koch brother hand up his ass. So on goes the search for someone to stand up there and look black (Herman Cain) or brown (Mario Rubio) but espouse the policies of old, white men.”

Mark my words, liberals will attempt to muzzle Dr. Carson, but he appears to be prepared to be “Palinized”.

“There are a group of people who would like to silence everybody and have everyone go along to get along,” Dr. Carson said, “but that’s not going to be very helpful for us in the long run in terms of solving our problems, and someone has to be courageous enough to actually stand up to the bullies.”

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