Saturday, November 24, 2012

A House Divided

This is the final week of college football’s regular season.  Today’s lineup includes a few “house divided” matchups:
Georgia (3) Georgia Tech 12:00PM
Michigan (19) Ohio State 12:00PM
Oregon (5) Oregon St (15) 3:00PM
Florida (4) Florida State (10) 3:30PM
Alabama (2) Auburn 3:30PM
Stanford (8) UCLA (17) 6:30PM
South Carolina (12) Clemson (11) 7:00PM
Missouri Texas A&M (9) 7:00PM
Notre Dame (1) USC 8:00PM

I know I’m going to catch a lot guff for what I’m about to say, but here’s how I hope the day will end up.

I want Georgia to defeat Georgia Tech’s Rambling Wreck.  I’ll be pulling for the Gators to take down the ‘Noles of Florida State.  Naturally, I’m anxious to see the Crimson Tide roll past the Tigers of Auburn.  And finally, I’ve got my fingers crossed that the USC Trojans rout the Irish of Notre Dame.

Bama’s regular season schedule ends with the Iron Bowl at home at Bryant-Denny Stadium.  This is a must-win for the No. 2 Tide to advance to the SEC title game against No. 3 Georgia. 

Auburn is under investigation by the NCAA for its recruiting practices and Head Coach Gene Chizik has recently come under fire for Auburn’s dismal season.  These are factors that will serve to distract the Tigers today in what I predict will be a solid victory for Alabama.

If Alabama emerges victorious, they will be headed to Atlanta to face the Dawgs of Georgia for the SEC Championship.

Some say that Alabama is not the unstoppable team the Tide faithful claim because of its loss to Texas A & M, but let’s not forget that just last week Oregon and Kansas State suffered crushing defeats. 

Notre Dame is the only undefeated team going into this weekend.  Just a few weeks ago, the Fighting Irish were considered to be the weakest undefeated team in college football.  I’m not looking to make any enemies here, but I still think they are.

UPDATE I:  Dawgs wreck Tech 42-10, Tide destroys Tigers 49-0 and Gators chomp Noles 37-26.  Awaiting kickoff between USC and Notre Dame.

UPDATE II:  Aw geez. The Irish whipped the Trojans 22-13.  Now the rest of the nation’s college football fans have to listen to garbage like this from ESPN’s Gene Wojciechowski:  “For the moment, Notre Dame is better than everyone. That's what the record says. That's what the BCS standings say. That's what the locker room celebration said.”

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