Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Unmistakable Odor Of Fear

Everyone in the dextrosphere has blogged about Mitt Romney’s choice of Wisconsin’s native son, Paul Ryan, to be his running mate.
As is my habit, when I got home from work around 11:15PM Friday night, I flipped on the TV to see FNC’s Chief Political Correspondent Carl Cameron with the breaking news.
I watched with elation at 9:00AM Saturday morning as Jerry Goldsmith’s stirring theme from Air Force One, “The Parachutes”, played in the background to the crowd of more than 2500 gathered at Nauticus, The National Maritime Center on the USS Wisconsin.
In Norfolk, the flag-draped backdrop of the USS Wisconsin set the stage for Romney to introduce Ryan as his vice presidential running mate. 
Given the hour and the patriotic atmosphere, I thought that this might be the “Morning In America” we’ve waited so long for.
Byron York  holds to the belief that, “by choosing Rep. Paul Ryan, Romney is sending a clear signal that he intends to run a more daring and more ideologically vigorous campaign than he has run up to this point.  And in that sense, Romney has now become a gambling man.”

“Although Romney had embraced the Ryan budget plan, he has now embraced its author, too—and in the process moved the issue of entitlement reform and controls on federal spending to the top of the Romney campaign agenda.”

The national debate about entitlements has been egregiously avoided for far too long.  This one’s going to be gargantuan.  It is certainly time for that debate.  With Paul Ryan at Romney’s side, that debate can be won.

Americans are looking for courageous leadership and a willingness to address head-on the unsustainable financial trajectory this nation’s economy is hurtling toward.

In his remarks at Norfolk on Saturday, Ryan reminded us that, “This is the worst economic recovery in 70 years. Unemployment has been above 8 percent for more than three years, the longest run since the Great Depression. We have the largest deficits and the biggest federal government since WWII.”
He added, “Nearly 1 out of 6 Americans are in poverty—the worst rate in a generation.  Whatever the explanations, whatever the excuses, this is a record of failure.”

In Stanley Kurtz’ piece at National Review, he warns that, “Mitt Romney’s selection of the boldly conservative Paul Ryan means that we face an epic presidential contest that will openly turn on fundamental philosophical differences between red and blue America.”

Kurtz sounds the alarm when he points out that, “Although a Romney victory would be taken by conservatives as proof that we are still a center-right nation, the fact is that the mainstream media and our key cultural institutions are now in the hands of an increasingly ambitious Left. The media barely hides its bias now, and they will come at a President Romney with everything they’ve got. The Obama presidency has given the Left a taste of the transformations it might achieve, and defeat will be dismissed as a merely temporary setback."

And finally, this from Gerard Vanderleun, “Our current infestation of American media personalities and American celebrities with Nostalgie pour la defaite rises from decades of beliefs in an America that is best as a "pitiful, helpless Giant;" a kind of "Nostalgie pour la jeunesse perdue"—nostalgia for lost youth. It is literally the only America they know and their entire professional and personal lives, from the New York Times to the Los Angeles Times, from the Hamptons to Beverly Hills are based on this grand assumption.”

“They've had Presidents and Presidential candidates that, commuting to and from these locales, have confirmed it to them. Their coworkers in their jobs confirm it to them. Their significant others, drawn from the same ranks, confirm it to them. The parties they attend, the awards they give and receive, the places they vacation, the books they read and the films they make and see, all confirm it to them over and over again. It is not only the only America they know, it is the only America they can know.”

For months now, I have prayed to Our Creator that He deliver our great nation from this most divisive regime.  Are my prayers being answered with this ticket?

Please read Daniel Greenfield’s article, The Most Divisive Campaign In American History.


  1. Great article. It's comforting to know my hopes, emotions and beliefs are shared, and you describe them so well.

    This is no ordinary election. It may be the final battle in the war of capitalism and socialism, of freedom and despotism. God help us if we lose this election.

  2. @Stogie,

    You and I have been in agreement on many things in the past. We feel energized with this ticket like most other Americans do. And like most other Americans, we comprehend the gravity of our vote on November 6th.

    As Sarah Palin said earlier today, we must pray for this ticket and surround them with a our well-wishes and unwavering support.

    Enjoy your weekend.


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