Sunday, August 26, 2012

Terminally Stupid Old Geezer Upsets Nattering Nabobs

Celebrities holding onto their fame by the skin of their teeth like Nathan Lane, Ellen Chesler, Matthew Mallow, Julianne Moore, Amy Sullivan, Jane Holzer and Russell Simmons, were treated with great disrespect, nah, let’s be honest with one another, they got pissed off when Joe Biden showed up late at a Hamptons fundraiser for the world’s most interesting man and the fourth best president ever.

The regime dispatched Biden to the fundraiser thinking it would do the campaign no harm after Biden's recent rash of blunders on the campaign trail.

Pampered pus buckets don’t keep well in the heat.  After having waited for Joe “Chains” two-and-a-half hours some began to wilt in the sun-baked tents.

VIPs who paid up to $10,000 a ticket and waited for Biden to show included Joy Behar, Roger Waters, Jay McInerney, Du Jour’s Jason Binn and wife Haley, Book Hampton’s Charlene Spector and Almond Restaurant’s Eric Lemonides.

I can hear Joy Behar now kvetching about the heat and demanding to go inside before her overly done makeup began to melt off her face.  I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall.

The New York Post reports that Russell Simmons left the event out of frustration before Joey Plugs showed up.

According to those in attendance Biden said, “I had a speech for you, but it’s not fair of me [to talk too long]... I am shocked everyone stayed. In college if my professor was 20 minutes late, I’d be out of the classroom.”

Exit Question:  We’ve stopped listening Joe.  Why are you still talking?

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