Saturday, August 18, 2012

Right Jabs For August 18, 2012

Politics is not a playground, it’s a battlefield.  Here are a few links from conservative bloggers who are waging a culture war of words against misanthropy, priggishness, prejudice, luddism, illiberalism and irrationalism.

Who is manlier? You decide!

Remember, putting Slow Joe a heartbeat away from the nuclear button was Obama’s first executive decision.

Vladimir Putin is scared of pussy.

When people call him a "lightweight", as I do, they're not thinking "boxing division". 

That last line is the perfect segue.

It means you and I die, our children die, our grandparents, aunts and uncles die. The man talking is one of the men Eric Holder refused to hold accountable for voter intimidation in Philadelphia.

The media should serve as an amplifier, so that if politicians reveal themselves to be totally unsuitable to hold positions of responsibility, it will reach the ears of all reasonably informed citizens. Fortunately for Obama, instead of a responsible media we have an obsequious propaganda corps, the purpose of which is to keep him in power.

Obama’s politically correct spin on Islam grows more and more buffoonish.

May it all mercifully come to an end, soon.

Isn't it about time somebody asked our 'caring' and hyper-tolerant humanist president why he's still playing nice and sending millions/billions of dollars to Gaza and Egypt when they are now run by the most intolerant, eliminationist kooks this side of Tehran?

Ohhhh…this is perfecto; Lefties singing about the need to give O one more term.

President Obama stated that he would veto the bill if there was any attempt to undo the cuts to Medicare.  Just words?

I suppose if the Romney campaign mentions this Politico will be offended that they’re being so negative.

I’m sure Mitt Romney will be blamed for this, somehow.

Warmists who refuse to give up their fossil fueled travel and big “carbon” lives hit hardest.

“And then he pauses, gives her a winning smile, and says: ‘Just doing my job, ma’am.’”

Fish  & Game personnel who restrained the (rare, leaping) manatee speculated that it may have been reacting to a perceived threat to what it considered its entitled feeding grounds.

Tell me again why this state favors Obama by 13 points?

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  1. Thanks for the links! I liked the photo essay on "who is manlier".


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