Saturday, July 21, 2012

ABC’s Brian Ross Whispered Insidious Accusations In The Ear Of The Mob

Once the man responsible for the midnight movie massacre in Aurora, Colorado was in custody, federal officials announced that the man who opened fire in a movie theater killing 12 and wounding 59 was James Holmes.

With an astonishing bravura display of his talent for deduction, ABC News’ Brian Ross suggested that the suspect, James Eagan Holmes, might be affiliated with the Colorado Tea Party, based on a mention on that group's website of an Aurora man with the name “Jim Holmes.”

Ross had been investigating the background of James Holmes and said he had found something which he “thought” might be “significant.”

“Now, we don't know if this is the same Jim Holmes. But its Jim Holmes of Aurora, Colorado,” added Ross as he was allowed to break into the Good Morning America show at 8:17AM.

Politico, a distinctly left-leaning website, published this after speaking with sources at ABC News on the condition of anonymity:
“Ross’s latest and much-publicized blunder had further solidified his reputation inside the network as a reporter who is prone toward spectacular errors. To his critics, those failures are legion.” 
“When asked what may have motivated Ross to report a connection between the alleged shooting suspect and the Tea Party, based off nothing more than a matching name and location, sources at ABC News attributed it to Ross’s desire to create news, and dismissed any suspicion of partisanship.”
Ahem.  Where is my bullshit flag?  I need to throw it now.  Ross obviously has a predilection for sensationalism.

After the flap over the Tucson shooting of Rep. Gabby Giffords, the yellow journalists on the Left learned not to point fingers at the Tea Party.  Fortunately, yesterday no other news outlet made a connection between James Holmes and the organization save Mr. Stupid Ross.  It is clear to anyone that Ross wanted desperately to politicize the horror of that night and gin up a firestorm.

He was forced to go back on air and apologize, but not before he had whispered an insidious accusation in the ear of the mob.


  1. Ross has made egregious, willful blunders before, over and over, and in the aggregate he's already cost ABC over five million dollars in lawsuit damages. Why is he still employed if not for the fact that all his blunders tend to victimize one side of the political debate?

  2. @richard mcenroe,

    That question alone will lead ya to sing the blues in the night my friend. Thanks for stopping by and posting your comment. Hope you have a great weekend.


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