Thursday, May 24, 2012

Robert Stacy McCain: Postcards From The Edge

As you may know by now, Robert Stacy McCain, is momentarily on the lam trying to keep his family safe from Brett Kimberlin AKA the Speedway Bomber.

If you don’t know who this vicious creep is, you’ve got to read up on him here.

Wanting his friends from far and wide across the blogosphere to know that he is safe and sound, Stacy is sending postcards from exotic vacation spots.

I just received this one from Italy’s Tower of Pisa.  Stacy cunningly wrote, “Always wanted to visit the Leaning Tower of Pisa.  Every picture I ever saw of the thing had it leaning left.  I am happy to report it leans to the RIGHT.”

Please hit Stacy’s tip jar so he and his family can see the world and don’t be surprised if he writes something pithy on the back of the postcard like, “The weather is here.  Wish you were beautiful.”


Please scribble on my walls otherwise how will I know what you think, but please don’t try spamming me or you’ll earn a quick trip to the spam filter where you will remain—cold, frightened and all alone.


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