Sunday, May 6, 2012

My Me Is Better Than Any Not Me Ever Could Be

Back-to-back rallies in the battleground states of Ohio and Virginia signaled the official launch of Teh Won’s reelection. Compared to the breathless rallies of 2008, the rallies were piddly examples of slow-motion defeatism.  

The errand boy sent by grocery clerks pounced on Romney.  He never once, in his tired, cut-and-paste rhetoric, mentioned his failed policies or lack of leadership; nor did he aim to.  No mention of the $5 trillion dollars he’s added to the national debt that we cannot hope to repay.

All we heard was vote for me, because I am me and my me is better than any not me ever could be and a colossal amount of blame-shifting, chest-thumping and huge helpings of trash-talking and class-warring.

He has a record now that he cannot defend without blaming everyone and everything but himself or by making cowardly excuses.

His wife said, while introducing him to a bunch of empty seats, “It sounds like you are already fired up and ready to go.”

The #readytogo hashtag has been hijacked by conservatives, God bless ‘em.  Ready to go?  No thanks, I went before I left the house.

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