Sunday, April 1, 2012

Defeat The Commie Mommies!

This blog post is not an April Fool’s joke.  There is currently an internet contest being sponsored by Circle of Moms—Top 25 Political Moms.  The website claims it is the “largest and fastest-growing online community for moms, connecting over 6 million moms worldwide to share advice and support essential to the journey of motherhood. More than 13% of moms in the US are members, and we attract 100,000 new moms every week.”

There’s no prize for the winner, just the satisfaction of being recognized as one of the Top 25 Political Moms.

I didn’t know about the contest until I read a post by BigFurHat over at IOwnTheWorld.  Since then The Lonely Conservative has been in second place behind a Lefty site whose owner says [emphasis mine], “I promise that if I win I will faithfully continue to register our collective dissent against all things unjust and stand up for the little guy and fight Scott Walker until he's out of office and kiss the crap out of your babies, and so on.  You have my word. Or you can recall me (after a year).  So please vote!  There's some unfortunate competition in the contest (scroll down the list, you'll see what I mean) as well as some other great blogs. My friend "Hippie Liberal Momma" is a particularly refreshing voice; check her out. And vote daily for all the ones you like (I hope that includes me). But choose carefully, as accidentally voting for the wrong blogs could lead to who only knows what kind of trouble down the road, including, but not limited to: perpetuation of the stay-at-home-mom-myth, senseless infighting among women who should otherwise be aligned, unhealthy exposure to dangerous "family values" hypocrisy, defunding of Planned Parenthood, dismissal of sexism and racism as 'myths of the left' and legal mandates that school lunches include the 'Parents' Choice' package (Twinkies, walking tacos, freedom fries and a Bible).  So vote for me if you oppose any of that and I'll do my best to fight it.”

The Lonely Conservative writes, “The top bloggers from the left aren’t your mom’s Democrats. They’re radical progressives. The one in the lead describes herself as ‘Leftist. Very, very leftist’ and has made it her mission to see Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker defeated. I’m sure she has no problem with the vicious way her side has treated Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefish. The website running the contest says they have millions of followers. Do you really want that 'very, very leftist' winning and sending the message to millions of moms that her views are mainstream? Don’t you want to do something, no matter how small, to show that there is no conservative war on women?”

At 4:35PM today, The Lonely Conservative trailed the Lefty site 2292 to 2110.  Checking back at 6:03PM, the vote tally was 2314 for the Lefty and 2159 for TLC—more than double the number of votes for TLC in an hour-and-a-half.  Awesome.

Voting ends April 4 at 7PM Eastern. You can vote once every 24 hours.  If you have access to multiple computers, vote from those as well.  It seems that’s how that Lefty site manages to stay ahead of Lonely.

Thanks for your vote.

UPDATE:  9:36PM 4/1/12—You all have propelled The Lonely Conservative to the top of the list.  She leads the Lefty 2413 to 2391.  Keep those votes coming.

UPDATE:  2:00AM 4/2/12—A quick check shows that in the last few hours the Lefty site has retaken the lead over The Lonely Conservative by 61 votes.  Let’s redouble our efforts and help TLC win.

UPDATE:  4:23PM 4/3/12—When I voted a few minutes ago, Karen was leading the Lefty by 300 votes.  Let’s keep pouring on the votes.  Defeat those commie mommies!  Voting ends on April 4 at 7:00PM Eastern.


  1. Done for today...No commie mommies allowed.

  2. @Randy-g,

    Thanks for chipping in and don't forget to do it again tomorrow.


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