Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Corpulent Cusser Concerned He May Be Fired

Having failed in so many political ventures (Jimmy Carter’s administration as deputy Secretary of State, Walter Mondale’s presidential campaign and Alan Blinken’s senatorial campaign), it is increasingly evident that Bob Beckel’s hard drinking and cocaine use has taken a toll on his ability to contain his rage.

On Monday’s edition of Hannity, the suspender-wearing liberal adherent lost it once again yelling at panelist Jennifer Stefano, “You don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about.”

Despite Sean Hannity’s best efforts to force the fat fool to apologize, Beckel refused insisting he was not on air.  Finally, when he realized that his comment was indeed aired, he mustered a demure apology and fell silent for the remainder of the segment, but not before he expressed his fear that he would be fired from his gig at Fox.

At 11:18PM, Beckel tweeted, “I just may not be cut out for the tv business.”

I despise the guy and make no bones about it, but firing him would deprive us of witnessing his hoof-and-mouth disease as his regularly makes fools out of the current regime.

Linked at The Other McCain.  Thanks Smitty.


  1. Aww, poor little chunker. I don't want him to get fired either, he's the only lib on TV that's actually kind of fun to watch sometimes.

  2. I kinda like Beckels rants but he shouldn't be fired. Only the left wants to restrict speech.


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