Sunday, March 25, 2012

White House Silent On Second Anniversary Of ObamaCare Scam

March 23, 2012 marked the second anniversary of ObamaCare, but there were no celebrations at the White House marking President Obama’s signature accomplishment.

Instead, the White House is hawking a potty-mouth T-shirt for 30 bucks that refers to Joe Biden’s vulgar whisper in the president’s ear, and caught on tape, calling the Affordable Care Act a “big f—king deal.”

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell gave a sarcastic poke in the eye saying, “I saw the president down at the White House.  I’m a little surprised, but there wasn’t a birthday cake to celebrate the second anniversary of ObamaCare."

That’s not a new necklace the president is wearing.  It’s a political albatross around his neck.  This regime awaits the high stakes hearings on the constitutionality of the law by the Supreme Court beginning March 26.

The next day, March 27th, will be devoted to arguments involving the administration's claim that not buying insurance somehow constitutes interstate commerce that may be regulated by Congress. 

The 28th will be devoted to the commandeering and severability issues.  The Democrats, you will recall, failed to include a severability clause in Obamacare. This, in theory, means that the Court must invalidate the entire law if it strikes down the mandate. If the justices follow the example of U.S. District Judge Roger Vinson, PPACA is toast. Unfortunately, the precedents aren't as clear on this issue as one might wish. The justices have demonstrated a willingness to ignore the absence of severability language when it suits them.

Charles Krauthammer’s Op-Ed in The Washington Post sums up ObamaCare nicely:  “Rarely has one law so exemplified the worst of the Leviathan state—grotesque cost, questionable constitutionality and arbitrary bureaucratic coerciveness. Little wonder the president barely mentioned it in his latest State of the Union address. He wants to be reelected. He’d rather talk about other things.”

“But there’s no escaping it now. Oral arguments begin Monday at 10 a.m.”

Oh, and just for shits and giggles, the #ILikeObamaCare hashtag launched by President Whiny’s re-election campaign was hijacked by conservatives.  The Daily Caller dutifully notes, “The Twitter hashtag was the most popular in the world Friday afternoon, but not for reasons the Obama campaign wanted.” 

Yeah.  I bet.

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