Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Obey Me Flag

Some months ago, The Lake County Florida Democrat Headquarters decided they would proudly fly a flag that had been altered with a picture of the errand boy sent by grocery clerks.

On March 13th, a veteran’s group headed by Don Van Beck, executive director of the Veterans Memorial at Fountain Park asked that the altered flag be removed, explaining that it was in violation of federal flag code. He offered a POW/MIA flag to fly in its place.

After a short time spent “researching” the flag code, Party Chair Nancy Hurlbert relented and took down the flag while the veterans looked on.  She did not accept the POW/MIA flag Van Beck’s veterans’ group offered as a replacement.

Ultimate Flags, which may be supplier of this flag involved in this story, also has for sale a Nazi Party Flag.

Their website notes, “We have received numerous threats (some violent) from people who demand we take this flag down.  Some of these people claim to be veterans who fought for our freedom and who are offended by President Obama's face on this design.  It is ironic that they themselves now seek to suppress the freedom they claim to have fought for (freedom of speech).”

“Therefore, in the name of patriotism and to HONOR all those who value freedom, we steadfastly refuse to be pressured into dropping this flag from the store. This is not Cuba or China. The Constitution supports freedom of speech and expression (especially speech some disapprove of).  There are a limited number of these flags in stock. If you want, you can buy them all up and burn them—or fly them proudly. That is your choice.”


  1. This just bothers the hell out of me.

    1. Which aspect? Flying the flag or pulling it down?

  2. If ever there were a flag that should be defecated on, it's that one.

  3. @Randy-g,
    You and me both brother.

  4. @Proof,
    We could ask little Billy Ayers to stomp on it, but I rather suspect he'd decline. What a commie bastard.


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