Friday, December 2, 2011

Chevy’s Red Hot Volt

Can you say boondoggle?

Poor Government Motors.  When they sought a bailout from Congress, GM thrust their Chevy Volt onto the market claiming it would be their standard bearer for hybrid electric cars.

Mike Brownfield, writing at The Foundry says, Volt has been “a linchpin in the Obama Administration’s “alternative energy” drive. In the President’s stimulus bill, a hefty $7,500 tax subsidy was offered to Volt buyers, bringing down the cost of the $41,000 vehicle, all at taxpayers’ expense. And the same federal government that bailed out GM and became a part owner also became a customer, buying 116 Volts for its government fleet.”

Here’s the problem—the damn things catch fire.

GM will recall the more than 6,000 Volts that are currently on America’s highways and byways and repair them when the geniuses at GM figure out the cause of the fires.

CEO Dan Akerson said, “If we find that is the solution, we will retrofit every one of them.  We’ll make it right.”

If you find the solution, Dan?  Really?

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  1. Love the blog! Linked at Milpundit.

  2. Solyndra is dead, GM is dying. Got a graphic for that? :)


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