Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sarah Palin: "They Called Us Un-American"

Amid the rain in Indianola, Iowa thousands gathered to hear the firebrand speak.  Talking heads of every stripe had, for weeks, predicted that Sarah Palin would or wouldn’t announce her entry into the 2012 presidential race.
She took the stage to the sound of chants from the crowd of “Run, Sarah, Run.”  The rain stopped and Palin began her forty-two minute speech that included her bedrock theme of restoring America, American exceptionalism and developing American energy resources.
At one point, perhaps to remind everyone of how she’d been outspent in her own campaigns in Alaska, she said, “Like you, I’m not for sale.”  I think this speaks explicitly to how the corporate-controlled media remain flummoxed by her motives.
No one knows with any certainty what Sarah’s plans are for 2012.  One thing is sure; she plans to speak forcefully to Americans that this administration is not winning the future.  “[It is] losing our country and with it the American dream.”

She reminded Americans—not those who live in New York, Washington or LA—but ordinary Americans who live in the heartland of this country that they were part of a movement.  “You got up off your couch; you came down from the deer stand, you came out of the duck blind; you got off the John Deere; and we took to the streets,” she said.
"We can confront the problem," she said, "[A]nd we can achieve lasting reform...We will be demonized; they'll mock you; they'll make things up; they'll tell you to go to hell...We won't say, 'No, you go to hell,' we won't say that...No, the road isn't easy, but it's nothing compared to the suffering and the sacrifice of those who came before us."
Then, to hammer the point home, she paraphrased The Great Emancipator saying, “We shall nobly save, not meanly lose, this last best hope on Earth.”
The most recent Fox News polls show 74% of voters think Palin should not run.  For the 66% of Tea Party members who think she should not run, the unflappable Sarah said, “Polls?  Nah...They’re for strippers and cross-country skiers.”
Gutsy broad, that Sarah.

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