Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Bus Was A Big Mistake

Doug Thompson, publisher and founder of Capitol Hill Blue writes, “President Barack Obama took his act on the road this week, traveling the Midwest in a $2.4 million armored bus in what his handlers claim was an attempt to ‘interact with real people.’”

“Next? He’s headed to Martha’s Vineyard for a vacation amid the rich and famous.”

“So much for mixing with the masses.”

“Crowds for his highly-hyped bus tour were tepid at best. The enthusiasm is gone from his carefully-staged events. So is his stirring rhetoric. The words that now spill from Obama’s mouth like verbal diarrhea are halted, hesitant and devoid of emotion.”

“For Obama, the magic is gone, along with the swagger that characterized his demeanor early in his presidency.  The man who swept into office with such high expectation now appears worn, tired and unsure of himself.”

I couldn’t have described this pitiful footnote to the errand boy sent by grocery clerks’ presidency better if I had tried.  Bravo, Mr. Thompson.  Bravo!

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